GCSE Science

GCSE Course

Tuition Works qualified teachers deliver the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology

At Tuition Works we start this process by carrying out an assessment, ensuring that we are aware of the student’s strengths and weakness. The course is run in small groups.

Each week, The Tuition Works team will cover topics in the Science syllabus, backed up by our ethos of practicing on questions and exercises. Ensure students have a full understanding. Once the basic concepts are understood, it’s important to practice using materials carefully designed to ensure correct techniques are being applied. Feedback and tackle misunderstanding in class is the focus. We aim to follow up the topics with exam style questions.

Tuition Works will also prepare students with exam technique. This will increase confidence and familiarity at exam time. Reducing Exam nerves!

Course Content

• GCSE Chemistry, Physics & Biology topics in the National Curriculum
• Exam style marking and Mock exams.

Who is the course for ?

•  GCSE Students  (Year 10 and 11)


• Homework assignments are set each week.