Herts & Bucks Entrance Exam

Hertfordshire South West Herts Schools Consortium Tests

Maths and Verbal Reasoning

The Hertfordshire Entrance Exam is a Verbal Reasoning Test and is written by GL Assessment it is administrated within an hour. The Maths is also written by GL Assessment, and is administrated in 50 minutes. The exams are intense and many students don’t get time to finish the papers.

  • Both papers are multiple choice and pupils indicate their answers on a separate answer sheet.
  • http://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/familiarisation-papers/

Buckinghamshire Transfer Test

Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning

For the Buckinghamshire Exams there are two transfer tests. They are multiple choice tests and are both of about the same level of difficulty they include Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each test is 45 – 50 minutes long and is in a number of separately timed sections.

  • The first paper tests verbal skills, including comprehension, English technical language and verbal reasoning.
  • The second paper tests non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and maths.
  • All questions on both papers are multiple choice and pupils indicate their answers on a separate answer sheet.
  • https://www.gl-assessment.co.uk/free-familiarisation

KS2 Course

If a child has a good basic education in English and possesses an age-appropriate vocabulary, the main challenges in 11+ English are the comprehension exercise and the essay writing. This course supports this and covers a different range of  The course is run in small groups.

A key part of our work is moving the emphasis from word recognition to language comprehension. Children need to start working on the following as soon as possible: understanding and interpreting, creating and shaping, text structure and organisation, sentence structure and punctuation. For this reason our English programmes cover comprehension, story writing, word challenges and grammar exercises.

Course Content

• KS2 Literacy National Curriculum standard.

Who is the course for?

•  KS2 Students Year 4 to 6 (aged 8 to 11)


• Two sets of home work assignments each week.